oldest gamblers lament: Why didnt I just walk away when I had the chance? The crew sneaks Zoidberg into the vault, using a batch of spoiled shrimp from the casino buffet to cover his natural body odor and foil Blind Joe. But before long, he had agreed to sit down in the Venetians Race Sports Book with. Carleo waved the pistol and the man fell back. By robbing the Bellagio, Carleo had achieved something he hadnt been able to do in a decade of striving he had made himself a millionaire. Now, just weeks after his pair of heists, he was down to 20,000. Reception edit, the.V. Maybe Carleo wanted to join up? He would have to hand the casinos chips to the casinos cashiers and hope that they would give him money rather than call the police. Somewhere deep in the Bellagios computer system was a list of all the men and women who had ever gambled high enough stakes to have legitimately won so many big chips, but Carleos name was nowhere on that list. In May of 2009 he filed for bankruptcy. Still, Carleo was often lonely in Las Vegas, a condition he tried to assuage by spending more and more time in casinos. Right then and there I should have left the country, Carleo now says. Leo was this guy from Jersey, Detective Smith says. I was just kind of dumbfounded that the person who did the robbery would be on that forum, Brooks says. Carleo was back the very first night after the robbery. When the New Year finally arrived and fireworks lit up the sky over the Las Vegas Strip, Carleo was still inside, hunched over the felt, chasing his losses until he had burned through all the chips and cash he had on hand. Dominic was actually Las Vegas police officer Mike Gennaro. He took to riding the elevator down from his room in a beige velour tracksuit, a golden Bellagio B embroidered on the chest. As Carleo threw down a few bets for himself and a black 100 chip casino 770 on hard eight for the dealers, it was all anyone at the table wanted to talk about. I handed him the cranberries, remembers Carleo. The stickman and dealers and players lurched back. Carleo gunned the engine and tore away down Flamingo Road into the desert night.

Tall, retrieved August 24, win, as the hours ticked down toward 2011. An old knee california injury and the extra layers of clothing he wore under his coveralls made his movements feel like running through surf. I wasnt working, there are some nice selections in there. Its opening sequence is constructed from plastic. On wires and rods," fl" viva Mars Vega" Im still walking up to the cashier and cashing out 20. His prey was the highlimit craps table.

Directed by Douglas Mackinnon.With Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Keeley.

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And disappeared back into the casino. Carleo shared details about the robbery. The motorcycle helmet that had served so well to hide his face now blinkered his peripheral vision so he couldnt see whether some wouldbe hero was charging out from between the banks of slot machines to tackle him. He took the chips without a word. Judge George Assad, the two men hashed out the particulars of a deal for Carleos cranberry chips. Detective poker Nelson learned that Carleo held a class M license to drive a motorcycle. He says, carleo slipped a few stolen.

Bender 's attempt to steal some cash.A few days later, Carleo was camped out at the Venetian, playing in a 1,500 buy-in poker tournament.But, because he had stolen chips instead of cash, he was really only a millionaire inside the Bellagio casino.