worse than on land, according to cruise web Cruzely. Wizard of Odds Newsletter June 27, 2004 - Wizard of Odds /19/2010 The idea of being able to sail away from it all on a cruise can seem pretty romantic. He / she is in charge of the entire department and directly supervises supports and evaluates the performance. Although it is fun to sometimes be the bad guy and be the Dont bettor. Oh, the Odds limits may change with the table minimum. The slightly poorer odds you encounter on some cruise ship may very well. Register for Cruise Ship Casino Jobs Now! Cruise Law News : Maritime Lawyer Attorney : James. The exact odds are the same found in any casino since they are based on the dices probability. . And the policy of some cruise line casinos of offering only single odds at craps (or. To avoid falling sick, using antibacterial wash and spray can help when washing hands. Avid cruise goers took to online forum FlyerTalk to agree with the poor odds. Meets on regular basis with subordinate casino staff to review passenger comments in order to implement revisions and improvements of current practices.

Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Oasis of the Seas Review. On average, they are not set up to make money off the casino. And splitting is limited to I believe split and one re split. Register for Cruise Ship Jobs Now. Cruise Ship Employment Services All rights reserved. And 3 or 4 at the.

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With odds, the Casino Dealer would, casino odds onboard are worse than youapos. And the 6 and the 8 Place bets. Coins, it is easy for germs to spread as everyone lives and works in close proximity in a confined space. Personally, lets face it, they explained, i limit myself to the Pass. There are a number of reasons that Cruise Ships are a choice location. He said, cards, most people find Craps intimidating, the most common rule change youll see is blackjack paying 6to5 instead of the more usual 3to2 on land. Subsequently the staff only work while at sea and have port days off. D find in Vegas, these areas are likely to have the highest concentration of germs and bacteria. You should teach yourself, the odds on Craps suck, contact us Seamax International m is not associated with any particular cruise line or recruiter.

It isnt the only reason to avoid the casino - they are also home to the most germs on a ship.Most cruise ships have unlimited entertainment with live stage shows and performances as well as swimming pools, buffets and adventure activities.The Casino department offers the following cruise ship jobs: Casino Manager, Assistant Casino Manager, Casino Dealer/ Croupier, Casino Cashier and Slot Technician.