and you can see a flicker of light in the upper right corner. Go through the first door on the right, then continue to fly right to get a view of two large sphere-shaped rooms. Moodymaze Marsh : From the start of the world, start flying straight forward best casino game odds (and slightly right) to the metal tower. Near the top, youll find the Pirate Treasure inside the left smokestack. These can be broken open to reveal 4 casino tokens each. Race through the hoops within the time limit to earn 5 tokens. We did the latter, though in hindsight using Flappy Flight wouldve been the better option!

The next Pirate Treasure in YookaLaylee is hidden within the Gloomy Gem Grotto. Once you emerge from the tunnel. A series of hoops will pop, fly over with the lategame flying ability. Rather than using the slide, use yooka your Flappy Flight move to propel yourself into the sky. Camo cloak again to open the door.

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Special ItemsMoves Needed, special ItemsMoves Needed, special ItemsMoves Needed. On the top of this structure is the skull. Camo Cloak, on the right hand side of the casino is a red spotlight. Weve put together a guide with all five Pirate Treasure locations in YookaLaylee. Use Flappy Flight casino to go high above the pumping plant. Land on the roof to grab the Pirate Treasure. Tribalstack Tropics Pirate Treasure location, then, helicopter Transformation Scattered across the world are the Knights of Hamalot.