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(Comedy Channel 2009) Who Do You Think You Are? 20122014) Playhouse Disney (Seven Network 20032007) Prank Patrol (ABC 2009) Prisoner Zero (TV series) (ABC3 2016) Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin (Nine Network 1986) Pugwall (Nine Network 19891991) Puzzle Play (Network Ten 20062011) Pyramid (Nine Network 20092012, 9Go! (Seven Network/7mate 2012) Saturday Party (ABV-2 1959) The Saturday Show (ABV-2, 1959) Saturday Showcase (HSV-7 1960) Screen Time (ABC 2017) Stop is Is Serious (ABC 20152017) Say It with Music (TCN ) Say it with Music (Network Ten 19671969) Seeing Stars (ABC, 19571959) The Shirley. (Nine Network 20032007) The Comedy Sale (Seven Network 1993) Comedy Showroom (ABC 2016) Comedy Slapdown (Comedy Channel 2008) Commercial Breakdown (Nine Network 20072009) The Company Men (ABC 1975) The Checkout (ABC 20132018) Corridors of Power (ABC 2001) The D-Generation (ABC 19861987, Seven Network 19881989) daas. 20142017) Skippy: Adventures in Bushtown (Nine Network 1998) Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (Nine Network 19661968) Sky Trackers (Seven Network 1994) The Sleepover Club (Nine Network 20032008) Smugglers Beware (ABC 1963) Snake Tales (Nine Network 2009) Snobs (Nine Network 2003) Spellbinder (Australian/Polish co-production) (Nine Network 1995). (Network Ten 2018) Showcase (Network Ten 19651970, 19731974, 1978) The Singing Bee (Nine Network 20072010) Sleek Geeks (ABC 20082010) SlideShow (Seven Network 2013) Snakes and Ladders (HSV-7 1959) Spending Spree (Nine Network 19711976) Spicks and Specks (ABC 20052011, 2014) Split Personality (Network Ten 1967) Split.

Nine Network 2012, nine Network 2012, aBC Why Is It So Pyramid Challenge Network Ten 1978 Quest ABuestion of Sport Network Ten The Quiz Kids Seven jackpot Network Quiz Master Seven Network 2002 Quizmania Nine Network Race Around the World ABC Raising a Husband 1957195. Network Ten At Home With Julia ABC 2011 Audreyapos. S Family Feud Nine Network The Better Sex Nine Network 1978 The Big Game GTV9 1966 The Big Music Quiz Seven Network 2016 Big Nine Nine Network Big Square Eye ABC Binnie Time GTV Blankety Blanks Network Ten. ABC 1976 Whose Line is it Anyway.

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