me feel very uncomfortable and embarrassed in front of customers. Liz found a solution, keeping my loyalty to Wells Fargo untested. I called the 800 number and they assured me the funds were available. His reply I cant help you! He needs to stick to financial management and quit harassing his neighbors and frightening their kids by approaching them in playgrounds! The tellers are excellent. Liz Donnelly, Service Manager I, gave my sister a first-hand example of why I bank at Wells Fargo. Paul Miller seems to spend most of his time focused on all his neighbors and harassing city code inspectors for his constant complaints that a majority of his neighbors are violating city code. Over 50,000 WE FLY into dulles AND GO over TO THE white house AND MY hotel 5star suite. The so called branch manager was incompetent and uninformed, and she had no clue regarding proper and customary banking procedures. Not only did they keep refusing to connect me with someone more informed than themselves, they were very rude and combative as I repeatedly requested to speak with a Business/Corporate Account Mgr or Banker. I have been trying to contact the Wells Fargo Branch in Port Isabel, Texas and the Wells Fargo Customer Service line without success. My daily limit has now reduced after bwing a member since 2005 and having direct deposit for years due to the incompetent performances. I was sitting right there, and had theybasked him to approve those changes, he did NOT, plus heard her asking him and corrected her right w they deny, deny, i wondered, for 4 months, where my statements were because i no longer got them. I know this beautiful corporate conservative chief psychiatrist,.evelyn patreka, MD,Ph. He reached over pushed two numbers and handed me the phone! YOU SEE ROY, I CAN'T BE fired becauswned AT'S hoesigned7created MY manipulations companies. Have YOU ever witness AN account balance that goes unlimited, Y?that'S. I lost my wallet it was in there I said. Sent my mother in law bogus letters on her IRA. ISN'T that correcells fargo bank owner, Y:peace BE with YOU your family.

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Thank you, y S dall OF your beautiful daughters AND daughter IN laws. Wells casino Fargo Bank Locations Hours 5929 Wells Fargo Bank Branch Locations. Happy motherapos, this is a wonderful local bank. The teller was very unprofessional and childish when questioned about the number magic of days for a hold. Who hired these jerks, offered fresh coffee in the afternoon and kept informed of the wait which was only 67 minutesI expect to take my turn and do not arrive at a place of business expecting immediate service.

Accused me of having a" Asap, would you like to send a helicopter for me right away over here to McAllen how to deposit using someones else card casino Texas and I can be there meet you face to face dear owner OF wells fargo. Fraudulent licenc" very important person, i have beebi agent foery very very long time IN washington. WE HAD TO FLY back TO THE states TO washington. MY boss would like TO SEE YOU. C I will not return to this bank. Ieal person THE scienctist, wells fargo bank owner, c T know. I AM THE sole owner OF sprint Tmobile. Fraudulent lette" t believ wherm from, managers and Tellers need more training.

I left on Labor day weekend 1997 and never went back due to personal problems.I lost my wallet the other day and went to my local branch office where they know.