lamenting what Vegas used. Then he laments, as the ban hurts his operations. Scoundrel Code : Ace Rothstein talks about his soon-to-be wife Ginger following "the Hustlers' Code which boils down to making sure that she pays off everyone who is in paysafecard a position to help her carry out her profession as a high-class prostitute, so they have. We're the only winners. Manipulative Bastard : Lester has Ginger completely wrapped around his finger for much of the movie. Stone in turn takes orders from The Mafia bosses who actually control the Teamsters' Union. The offender was the vise-guy. Sam's activities are not only legitimate but sponsored; he gets to manage a very profitable Casino, be a respected citizen and have a beatiful and socially loved wife. Delusions of Eloquence : In his "The Reason You Suck" Speech in the middle of a desert, Nicky Santoro yells at Ace and accuses him, not without justification of having this. One of these fronts is Sam "Ace" Rothstein (De Niro a Jewish gambling prodigy who, having made big money for his Mafia associates in the past, is sent to Vegas to run the Tangiers casino-hotel. I don't give a fuck about jail. Given that the film is named Casino and plays the Vegas aesthetic for all it's worth, it's understandable that the filmmakers wanted to keep the action around there. That's what. Surveillance as the Plot Demands : Justified, Las Vegas is a virgin territory at first, but Nicky draws so much heat that he manages to attract many kinds of surveillance; wiretapping, lip reading, electronic bugs, car chases, aerial vigilance. For his part, Nicky doesn't really care about how it affects Ace or even his bosses. What Happened to the Mouse??; Lester's fate is never shown, he just kinda disappears after he goes with Ginger in attempting to take Ace's daughter.

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