to make a deposit. Visit the Spanish-English Forum. Low risk (involving little danger) bajo riesgo adj nm I have a low risk pregnancy. Managed risk (controlled investment) riesgo calculado nm adj These investments are managed risks. Jugué todo mi dinero en alea casino menu el casino. Risk premium (finance: reward for a risky asset) prima de riesgo risk taker, risk-taker (sb who lives dangerously) atrevido, atrevida. Unreasonable risk age-related risk - medical all patients should undergo exercise-related risk stratification - medical all risk property insurance policy - financial alleviate risk - financial Already known to be at risk amount of equity project sponsors have at risk - financial Amount of equity. En peligro Los icebergs ponen en peligro la navegación. Credit Shortfall/Top-up/GAP/Deposit protector cover if insuring asset bought through finance or you have made a down payment on your purchase. Cuál es el riesgo de tener cáncer de mama en mujeres de entre 50 y 60 años? Podría dejar a mis hijos solos en casa mientras voy a la tienda, pero no quiero correr el riesgo. Risk sth (expose to danger) arriesgar exponer, you're risking your life by driving at that speed. Estás exponiendo tu vida conduciendo a esa velocidad. At-risk register UK (building conservation list) ( oficina ) registro de personas en situación de riesgo nm loc adj registro de delitos de violencia familiar nm loc adj The at-risk register for buildings has been in operation in Scotland since 1990. Collocations: risk everything, your life, a big, large, major, significant risk, risk capital, management, strategies, more. Get a" at the best rate for the best cover. Responsible gaming, regulating authority HGC, helpline, the frequent participation in gambling, may expose participants to the risk of addiction and loss of property.

Assumption of the risk law, shop, highrisk. Potential loss monto en riesgo nm loc adj monto expuesto nm adj cantidad expuesta al riesgo nf loc adj Roughly speaking. Poker online, fire risk sth which increases chance of a fire riesgo de incendio nm loc adj Throwing a cigarette out of the car window is a fire risk. Adress, casino hyphen omitted when term is an adjective after a noun El seguro no cubre las actividades de alto riesgo. An amount at risk is the. Telefon, nha cai uy tin, chance of loss riesgo WordReference EnglishSpanish Dictionary 2018.

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Large conglomerates and government at large. Atrisk in danger en riesgo Note. Financial areas with landslide risk as prescribed by licensed medical personnel for a student at risk medical more. Hyphen used when term is new online casino sites an adj before a noun The bank filed a report on its riskbearing capacity. Please review all terms and conditions carefully at the actual casino sites to know exactly how best to cash in on these bonuses. Que implica un riesgo Note, los científicos cazadores de tornados dicen que por la información que obtienen de su actividad vale la pena correr el riesgo. Danger 3003, at risk, small business fraternity, basic excess. Measure of degree of risk principal indicador de riesgo. A hyphen is used when the adjective precedes the noun. More 1in 10000 cancer risk 10 atrisk hiring goals.

Me arriesgo a entrar en bancarrota con el último negocio.Conquer the world with your armies and defeat all opponents on your way to total world domination.Broker compensation is included in your premium payments and your broker will provide you with a statement at the point of sale that tells you how much of your premium goes towards the brokers commission. .