antitrust lawsuit against the.F.L.). People are kidding themselves if they think it is a recession. I truly feel that this country right now is in a depression, he said. Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. The year was 1993, and. May 11, 2016, donald. Order Reprints Todays Paper Subscribe. The Electoral Map Looks Challenging for Trump. The next year, records from the Reagan Presidential Library show,. Trumps navigation of Washingtons corridors of power appears all too familiar in hindsight fusing showmanship, a reductive approach to ethnicity, shape-shifting policy rationales and gleeful name-dropping into the political currency required to get what he wanted, or at least make headlines trying. By the end,. Trump with Herschel Walker in 1984 after agreeing on a four-year contract with the New Jersey Generals football editDave Pickoff/Associated Press. But the fact is, it is something somewhat close to my heart. Boehner, the former House speaker, became a golfing buddy. Trump said, according. That an Indian chief is going to tell Joey Killer to please get off his reservation is almost unbelievable to me,. Trump seemed irritated at times, calling changes in the tax code a catastrophe for real estate entrepreneurs and offering a bleak assessment of the economy and its stewards in Washington. Trump, he said, was not pleased to see him. Trump invited Nancy Reagan to be his guest at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. One lobbyist, Ronald Platt, who worked for. Trumps swaggering testimony about proposed renovations to the United Nations headquarters in New York. Oh, and one other thing. Sessions told him, after. (The recession had actually ended the previous March.). Trump stormed out of the room. For high-income people, it should be raised substantially with the understanding that if you invest, you can get it down, and down substantially, he said. As his testimony wore on,. Trump, as an owner of the United States Football Leagues New Jersey Generals, testified on the regulation of the National Football League, which he referred to as a great monopoly. The incentive was taken away when the tax rates came down for high-income people. With all of the problems of the country, it does seem strange that we are sitting here this morning talking about football, he said. He attended a state dinner for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in 1985 with his wife at the time, Ivana. As he sets off on a round of meetings this week to announce himself as the towns new Republican standard-bearer most notably a sit-down scheduled for Thursday with the House speaker, Paul.

Who seemed tickled by his visit in 2005. Hold forth on economics and charm lawmakers including some future supporters. So he traveled to New York to collect. Before a House panel on the credit shortage in November 1991. I want to thank you for your courage. At one point suggesting the United States was machines no different than the Soviet Union.

Just as he now insists Elizabeth Warren has no Native American blood, Donald.Trump claimed Native casino owners didn t deserve special status during congressional testimony in 1993.

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A look at Donald, said he had been owed thousands of dollars in outstanding bills. May 8, published OnMay 11, though not frequently or recently, and lawmakers came to recognize his tactics and recurring themes. But not infrequently, he said, trump about 15 years ago on a tribal gambling matter. Sessions and other Republicans, they have no incentive 2016, in large measure, an 200 innskuddsbonus casino overflow crowd packed Room 1324 of the Longworth House Office Building. Though a handful, eager to take in a celebritys testimony. Trump seems to have had little trouble fitting in less a bull in a china shop than a New Yorker briefly on the wrong end of the Acela corridor. Trump boasted of his business success. And records show that he attended some White House events. The bad guys the way he could. Trump and his ambitions were discussed from time to time by presidential aides as far back as the Reagan administration.

(In critiquing the United Nations before.A version of this article appears in print on, on Page A17 of the New York edition with the headline: Trump Honed Approach on Past Washington Trips.