don't qualify for a particular comp they can suggest an alternative or let you know what you need to qualify for the comp you are requesting. By keeping track of the cards played, you can lower your odds to the point where you actually have an advantage over the online casino. You can talk to a host on the phone before you check into a Casino or you can meet them once you are there. However, if your primary interest is winning, you should narrow down your choices. If you are playing a table game you can tell the pit boss you would like to speak to a casino host. Contestants dont have to travel to the Burbank, Calif. If you want to gamble just for entertainment and recreation, any online casino game will. Some players will look at a restaurant comp as an invitation to order everything on the menu whether they want it or not. Roulette is a leisurely game that consists of a spinning wheel and a simple table layout. Introduce yourself tell them you are planning to book a room and would like to inquire about their qualifications for casino rate. This is why Keno is such a profitable game for online casinos. In most cases, you can qualify for casino rate up front. It is a fast paced social game, offering many bet options and an extensive table layout. Before asking yourself which online casino gambling games you should play, ask yourself what your primary motive. You can tell the host what games or machines you play and what your usual betting levels are. Never demand a comp of feel you should get something for nothing. Theres big money involved for LAA contestants. I like to meet a host before I ever ask for a comp.

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